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La Valse Hésitation
L'Empire des Lumières (The Empire of Light)
Les Amants
Le Séducteur
Le Fils de l'Homme
La Reconnaissance Infinie
Le Faux Miroir
La Trahison des Images
Le Tombeau des Lutteurs

Welcome to Magritte Gallery, printers & publishers in Paris

Since 2002, our family-owned and managed company has acquired, published and printed lithographs by the major master artists of the 20th Century, under the supervision and with the agreement of either the artist or the artist’s estate. 

You will find on this website a selection of limited edition & numbered prints, as well as a selection of bronze sculptures by René MAGRITTE, of whom we are the worldwide exclusive printers and publishers of the Estate for lithographs, multiples and bronzes sculptures.

Featured Prints For Sale

MAGRITTE - III - 6 - Golconde.jpg
58x78 cm (22.8'x30.7' in)
MAGRITTE - V - 4 - Les Amants.jpg
45x60cm (17.7'x23.6' in)
MAGRITTE - VI - 8 - La Reconnaissance In
30x45 cm (11.8'x17.7' in)
30x45 cm (11.8'x17.7' in)
MAGRITTE - V - 3 - Le Fils de l'
45x60cm (17.7'x23.6' in)
MAGRITTE - II - 2 - Le pays des miracles
58x78 cm (22.8'x30.7' in)
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