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René Magritte - "Les Menottes de cuivre - 1931"

Edition of 250 / height: 50cm

Signature Magritte

Stamp of the Magritte Succession


Stamp of the foundry

Worldwide exclusivity:

Our company is the worldwide exclusive publisher of René Magritte bronze sculptures.

Limited & numbered editions:

Editions between 8 for the original sculptures and 250 for the multiples.

A French creation:

Bronzes casted in France using the lost-wax method in the best French art foundries.


Each bronze is patinated and/or painted by hand.

Supervised editions:

Each bronze was authorized, supervised and validated by the ADAGP (Society of Authors in the Graphic and Plastic Arts) and by Mr. Charly Herscovici, President of the Magritte Foundation, Chairman of the Magritte Museum and unique representative of the Magritte Succession.

Certified editions:

Each bronze is numbered, bears Magritte’s signature, the stamp of the René Magritte Foundation and the thumb imprint of Mr. Charly Herscovici.

A certificate of authenticity is issued for each sculpture, stamped by the Magritte Foundation and signed by Mr. Charly Herscovici.

Fingerprint of the René Magritte Succession’s unique representative

Dictionary of the Surrealist Object – 2013

Ref page 193

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